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We’re not your typical Mom and Pop Shop, Gioia Sails South has over 70 employees housed in our 30,000 square foot building. We pride ourselves with taking the upmost care at our craft, treating your product as we would our own.

You will never go wrong when you choose to trust us with your project. We use premium-quality materials to make sure that we give both OEM manufacturers and Boat Owners great value for their money. With decades of experience in customizing boat products, we are confident we can meet all the requirements you have for your boat or yacht.

Here at Gioia Sails South we have the capability to cut a pattern multiple times efficiently using the technology of both a CNC Router and Eastman Cutting machines. Once products have gone through its original prototyping phase, we can produce parts repeatedly and accurately, saving time and labor costs.

Our Eastman machines and CNC Router run tirelessly throughout each production day to provide precise cut materials needed to complete orders. Whether it is vinyl, canvas, plastic substrates or other materials, we never stop cutting, sewing and building high quality products used for your enjoyment.

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Services We Provide

Please see below for a list of some of the products we can provide

  • Canvas Products
    • Enclosures
    • Spray Wings
    • Seat Covers
    • Full Boat Covers
    • Console/Gauge Covers
    • Biminis (with or without Frames)
    • Bow or Aft Shades
  • Upholstery Products
    • Interior Cushions
    • Exterior Cushions
  • Other Items
    • Exterior Carpets
    • Carpet Runners